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Why Asphalt Paving Should Be Smooth

Studies of asphalt paving show that pavement smoothness can be directly associated to more than just ride quality and aesthetics. It has a direct correlation to the length of time a pavement surface will last.

Ride Quality – If cars and trucks are bumping and bouncing through divots and mounds of uneven pavement in your parking lot, look out! Studies show that the smoothness of an asphalt surface is directly correlated to rate at which the asphalt will deteriorate. As you watch vehicles bounce through your lot, you are actually watching the acceleration of the pavement deteriorating.

Vehicle traffic normally puts enormous pressure on asphalt; add the bouncing motion, which increases the force on the pavement and then factor in the vehicle weight and it’s a destructive combination. But, the good news is that the study concluded if asphalt pavement smoothness was improved by twenty-five percent, it could result in almost a ten percent increase in the longevity of pavement. No more bouncing, no rapid deterioration.

An experienced paving contractor will ensure your asphalt paving is smooth as possible by properly preparing the parking lot starting with the base, through to the aggregate construction, compacting and sealcoating. Your asphalt parking lot will last for years as long as it is properly maintained by keeping up with regular sealcoating and pothole repairs.

Potholes – Speaking of potholes, one glance at your parking lot and you can tell if your asphalt paving is deteriorating if you see potholes.

Caused by water penetrating the asphalt and then expanding and contracting, potholes weaken the structure of your parking lot. As the weight of cars and trucks pass over the weak spots in the road, the roadway starts to breakdown causing material to be displaced or broken down, creating potholes.

Keeping up with pothole repairs will help you maintain and protect your parking lot by stopping the erosion and damaging to the sub-base.

So, how do paving contractors make pothole repairs? Here are six steps your paving contractor will take to ensure to long lasting pothole repair:
1. Set up traffic control measures.
2. Mark the area to remove.
3. Prepare the pothole.
4. Apply tack to sides and bottom.
5. Place layers of HMA, life above the surrounding pavement
6. Seal the edges of the patch and you’re good to go!

One last thing that a smooth asphalt pavement service means, lower fuel consumption. For most parking lots that have been paved with asphalt, the decision to go with an asphalt pavement probably wasn’t so that visitors would save on fuel costs. And, realistically, the studies that show lower fuel consumption on smooth pavement are referring to mostly highway driving. However, the fact is that asphalt is an economical, environmentally friendly, fast –to-construct material for parking lots. So much so that more than 85 percent of the parking lots in the United States have been constructed using asphalt.

For a smooth, pothole free and long lasting asphalt parking lot, contact an experienced paving contractor.

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