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Why Asphalt Pavement is Really Green

Did you know that in the United States about 93% of all paved roads are surfaced with asphalt? Maybe because it’s one of the most sustainable materials for building pavements or maybe because it’s so smooth that vehicles consume less fuel and produce lower emissions when traveling on asphalt. Or, maybe because it’s made of all natural materials like stone, sand, and gravel.

Whatever the reason, asphalt pavement is the sustainable choice for parking lots, highways and driveways. Here are some other facts why asphalt pavement is so eco-friendly:

• Neither asphalt pavement or reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) leach petroleum.
• Less energy is consumed in building asphalt pavements. Over the pavement’s life cycle, asphalt pavements require only about half the energy to produce and construct than other pavements.
• Asphalt pavements are one of our greatest renewable resource and are America’s most recycled product.
• Asphalt is 100% renewable, but reclaimed concrete is just porous rock.
• When asphalt pavement is reclaimed, the stone and asphalt cement in it are just as valuable as all-new materials.

In addition to being green, asphalt has a ton of other benefits too. Here are a few:
• Asphalt has a proven track record when it comes to long life and smoothness
• Asphalt is safer to drive on! Studies have shown that smoother pavements maximize tire contact, providing more traction.
• Studies in several states showed that asphalt pavements were more economical than concrete over the study periods.
• Asphalt can be constructed at night, saving commuters from costly delays.
• Asphalt pavement gives the best return on investment of any paving material. When appropriately designed and constructed, an asphalt pavement will never need to be removed and replace.

And, we thought we’d throw in a few fun things to think about when you’re thinking about asphalt pavement:
• Asphalt provides a smooth ribbon of pavement without joints. Say good-bye to the ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk noise and bouncing as you travel along.
• Did you ever notice that the majority of automobile commercials are shot on asphalt? That’s because it’s prettier.

How’s your asphalt parking lot?
From time to time asphalt repairs are necessary. Asphalt surfaces begin to wear and break down as they are repeatedly exposed to elements such as water, sunlight and chemicals. The liquid asphalt that binds the materials together begins to lose its natural resistance to water, allowing it to penetrate beneath the surface. Once this occurs the pavement can quickly fall prey to a number of different types of deterioration including cracks and potholes. Asphalt repairs and prevention will increase the longevity of any asphalt surface.

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