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Asphalt Repair in Orlando

The durability and integrity of your asphalt parking lot can reflect on employee and customer satisfaction. Potholes in the asphalt pavement aren’t just unsightly, they can be dangerous. At ABC Paving and Sealcoating, we can help repair potholes of all sizes and prevent unexpected asphalt replacement expenses.

As a leading asphalt repair company in Orlando, we know how important the integrity and appearance of your parking lot are. Give us an opportunity to work on your asphalt, and you can forget about pothole problems once and for all.

Choosing Orlando Asphalt Repair Contractors in Advance

Not too many property owners find the time to take care of their asphalt pavement properly. Regular cleaning, inspections, and sealcoating can keep your asphalt in top shape for decades. Unfortunately, keeping track of these tasks may not always be possible. More often than not, property owners end up dealing with potholes.

Potholes are tricky. They can start as tiny asphalt cracks and turn into huge niches overnight. When the pothole forms, it’s imperative to take care of it as soon as possible. Leaving it to sit there for few more days could lead to full asphalt replacement.

When the disaster strikes, property owners start looking for an asphalt repair company. Doing it in a rush could force you to choose unreliable asphalt repair contractors. That’s why it makes sense to find the right company in advance.

As soon as you pave your parking lot or buy the property, consider looking through the local asphalt repair companies. Choose the best one for your needs before these needs arise. By the time a pothole appears, you’ll know exactly whom to call.

Potholes Can Be Dangerous

Potholes aren’t just unsightly. They turn your parking lot into a hazardous place. Anyone who chooses to drive through the damaged parking lot could be risking their safety. Since potholes can worsen in just a day or two, it can be hard to catch the moment when they turn into hazards.

Even though the speed on parking lots is usually low, accidents that happen due to potholes can be severe:

  •         Cars hit objects or pedestrians when trying to avoid potholes.
  •         Cars crash into each other when trying to avoid potholes.
  •         Cars get lodged in the potholes and break down or even turn over.
  •         A pedestrian accidentally trips on a pothole and sustains injuries.
  •         Cars get such damages as flat tires, bent rims, suspension damage, steering damage, and more.

If drivers, passengers, or pedestrians suffer injuries due to a pothole-related accident, you can be held accountable. Personal injury cases can be time-consuming, unpleasant and expensive. Some of them end up in court. That’s why it’s imperative to take care of potholes the moment they occur.

At ABC Paving and Sealcoating, we know the utter importance of parking lot safety. That’s why we suggest inspecting your asphalt pavement regularly in order to discover and repair damages before they turn into hazards.

Hiring an Asphalt Repair Company in Orlando

A small pothole may not seem like a tough issue to fix. That’s why many property owners try to do it on their own. In reality, a pothole requires expert attention. Simply filling it may not get the job done.

Even if you take advantage of the best materials and equipment, you may not be able to fix the pothole for good. Most likely, a new one will appear nearby.

The secret to effective pothole repair isn’t proper materials, top-notch equipment, or a professional approach. It’s figuring out what caused the problem in the first place. Most likely, the culprit is water.

When water seeps through the asphalt pavement (usually through a tiny crack), it starts washing away the lower layers of its structure. This usually happens due to age or lack of maintenance.

Once the pothole is fixed, it’s imperative to remove the cause of the damage. Only an asphalt repair expert can do this properly.

Most likely, you would need to check the rest of the pavement properly, fix even the smallest damages, and apply a sealcoat. Otherwise, another pothole can form in just a couple of days.

At ABC Paving and Sealcoating, we can help you get rid of potholes for good. For more information, please contact us at any convenient time.

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