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Pothole Repair

Potholes are a serious threat to the integrity of your asphalt pavement. As soon as a pothole appears, you need to repair it. Otherwise, it will keep getting bigger and bigger, forcing you to consider asphalt replacement in Jacksonville.

As leading Jacksonville asphalt pothole repair contractors, we know all about potholes and problems associated with them. If you call us as soon as you notice a problem with your asphalt parking lot, our team of expert asphalt technicians can prevent the problem from spreading.

At ABC Paving and Sealcoating, we are always ready to provide emergency pothole repair services.

How do Potholes Form?

Potholes are tricky. What looks like a hairline crack in your asphalt can turn into a pothole overnight. The longer you let it sit, the more likely the damage is to spread. Without timely repair, you may have to face full Jacksonville asphalt replacement.

Potholes usually appear when water seeps through the asphalt after it rains. They can also be caused by the groundwater appearing underneath the pavement. Many parking lot owners in Florida mistakenly believe that potholes have fewer chances of appearing since the climate is warm.

Yes, in colder states, potholes usually form when water freezes and thaws under the pavement, causing it to break down. However, you don’t need temperatures to drop below freezing to get a pothole.

When you consult any Jacksonville asphalt repair company, you’ll find out that the main causes of pothole formation in Florida are:

  •         Heavy traffic – asphalt can weaken due to heavy wear and tear. Even when it’s fairly new, constant pressure could cause the pavement to give in and crack. With time, excess weight that pushes on the cracks forces them to turn into potholes.
  •         Water damage – once water seeps through the asphalt pavement, it starts eroding your asphalt. With time, coupled with heavy traffic, water can cause potholes. When the rainy season begins, asphalt pavement is highly prone to potholes.
  •         Heat – high temperatures can cause the asphalt pavement to weaken. UV rays tend to affect the binder and make the asphalt vulnerable to damage.

If you don’t take care of the potholes timely, water, heat, and traffic will lead to severe asphalt damage.

When To Call Jacksonville Asphalt Pothole Repair Contractors

While it’s not too late to call asphalt repairmen when the pothole occurs, we recommend selecting reliable Jacksonville asphalt pothole repair companies in advance. The earlier you speak to Jacksonville asphalt pothole repair contractors, the more you’ll learn about asphalt maintenance.

More often than not, potholes are preventable. All you need to do is take care of the asphalt pavement regularly.

Potholes aren’t just a costly nuisance. They are dangerous. A pothole may:

  •         Cause your clients, customers, and employees to trip and fall when crossing the parking lot.
  •         Cars to crash into each other when swerving in order to avoid potholes.
  •         Cause vehicles to get stuck in potholes and block a part of your parking lot.

All the above situations aren’t just unpleasant. They may be extremely costly since victims are likely to hold you responsible for personal injuries and vehicle damage.

Don’t wait for the pothole to become a hazard. Repair it ASAP.

Jacksonville Asphalt Pothole Repair Company

When a pothole appears, don’t wait. Call asphalt pothole repair specialists. At ABC Paving and Sealcoating, we are always ready to maintain the integrity of your asphalt. Our experts will repair the pothole, inspect the rest of the pavement, and give you recommendations about asphalt maintenance.

If you would like to prevent potholes from forming in the future, we recommend applying a sealcoat. Sealcoating can protect your parking lot from UV damage, water, and chemicals, allowing you to enjoy a strong pavement for many years to come.


What services do Jacksonville pothole asphalt repair companies typically offer?

At ABC Paving and Sealcoating, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to maintain the integrity and appearance of your asphalt pavements. This includes pothole repairs, crack filling, sealcoating, line striping, and complete asphalt resurfacing. We also provide preventive maintenance solutions to extend the life of your pavements.

How does one evaluate the quality of work performed by Jacksonville asphalt repair companies?

The quality of work from asphalt repair companies can be evaluated by examining the thoroughness of the repair, the smoothness of the finish, and the durability of the pavement over time. At ABC Paving and Sealcoating, we encourage prospective clients to review our past projects and client testimonials.

Can Jacksonville pothole repair companies handle both residential and commercial projects?

Yes, at ABC Paving and Sealcoating, we are well-equipped and experienced in managing both residential and commercial projects. Regardless of the scale or complexity of the project, our team is trained to deliver high-quality, long-lasting asphalt solutions.

What are the average costs for services provided by Jacksonville asphalt pothole repair companies?

The costs can vary widely depending on the extent of repair needed and the size of the service area. At ABC Paving and Sealcoating, we provide competitive pricing that reflects the quality of our materials and workmanship.

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