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Thermoplastics and Asphalt Paving

Manufacturers are using thermoplastics because they’re easy to mold and shape when they are hot.  Everyday you probably use something made from thermoplastic, or you see it — on the roadways!

Since 1958, thermoplastic pavement marketing materials have been used in the United States with ongoing good results. In parking lots and on roadways thermoplastic is used for inlaid and surface applied applications, pavement markings and even pothole repair.  Crosswalks, stop lines and other pavement markings are engineered utilizing thermoplastics for enhanced visibility, durability and flexibility.  One of the benefits is that preformed thermoplastic pavement markings can be quickly, easily and cost-effectively applied to a parking lot.

A unique use of thermoplastic pavement markings is custom logos and other directional signage applied to the surface of asphalt pavement.

So, What are Thermoplastics?

Thermoplastics are materials that turn to liquid at high temperatures. When the product cools, it turns into hard, solid plastic.  Some thermoplastics can be as soft as rubber or as strong as aluminum, depending on how they are made. Everyday items like keyboards, garden furniture, windows, plastic containers are also made of thermoplastics. Thermoplastics are one hundred percent solid, environmentally and user safe.

More on Thermoplastics in Paving Applications

Thermoplastic pavement marking involves the application of plastic material to the asphalt or concrete surface. The plastic material comes in a granular or block form and needs to be heated and manipulated into a liquid form.  It is then applied to the asphalt surface by machine. The liquid plastic material cools and bonds the parking lot surface.  Thermoplastic pavement markings can include individual line striping, stop bars, crosswalks, arrows, loading zones, handicap symbols, and custom lettering.

Thermoplastics contain binders such as waxes, resins, anti-settling agents and plasticizer. They also include pigments, fillers and glass spheres, which liquefy when heat is applied.  These components result in excellent reflective qualities and will last up to six times longer than latex line striping paint; thermoplastic pavement marking is an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as in parking lots or on roadways.  In some Florida counties, DOT standard is to use this type of marking for highways and roads.  Additionally, they require stop bars to any exits that lead to a road to also be constructed with thermoplastic.  Due to its longevity, reflectivity and brightness, many commercial property owners request its use in their parking lots.

Thermoplastics are also are eco-friendly in that they contain no solvents are recyclable.

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