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Thermoplastic Pavement Markings Save Lives

Thermoplastics are polymers that become liquid when heated and then returns a solid state once cooled. Thermoplastics are utilized in a wide variety of applications including consumer goods, machine parts, medical equipment, packaging, and storage materials and even in road safety pavement markings.

In the application of thermoplastics for pavement markings, paint, also called hot melt marking paint is heated to approximately three hundred and ninety two degrees Fahrenheit. With the help of a template such as a handicapped pavement sign or filling in an outlined area for the words Fire Lane, Stop, or other safety related lines, words or symbols, it is applied to a roads surface. Any template used is removed and what is left is a thick, wear-resistant coating that is bright and reflective. This fast drying pavement marking can be driven on within a few minutes after application is completed.

This type of pavement marking has become invaluable in this day and age for the safety and well being of pedestrians, vehicles and also service as directional help for travelers. Thermoplastic pavement markings can be manufactured in any color and can aid pedestrian walkways by adding glass beads. The beads make the surface antiskid and also highly reflective against the heads lights of a vehicle helping pedestrians safely traverse traffic lanes.

Here are a list of thermoplastic road markings that are regularly used on Florida roadways, parking areas and private parking lots:

  • Handicapped Pavement Marking Signs
  • Keep Clear Signs
  • Reserved Space Markings
  • Stop Signs, Stop Lines and Other Stop Indicators
  • Slow Signs
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk Lines and Signs
  • Highway Divider Lines
  • Arrows to Direct Traffic
  • Taxi and Bus Lane Indicators
  • Fire and Emergency Vehicle Lanes

Thermoplastic lasts six to eight times longer than paint. It can be installed in Florida year round. Application only requires the product template, a brush and a gas burner. Once the surface is prepped which is easily accomplished by removing any lose debris, the template is put in place and the gas burner is used to affix the thermoplastic in place. For larger projects, such as multiple crosswalks, large shopping center fire lanes and other pavement markings, more heavy equipment is utilized to properly manage the project for speed and cost effectiveness.

If your parking area is in need of pavement markings, consider thermoplastic. It is an appropriate and popular choice for not only traffic signs, lines, pedestrian crossings, arrows, letters and numbers but also officially registered traffic symbols.

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