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Why Do You Need Parking Lot Signs?

Parking lot signs do more than notify people of the name of your business. Signs designate reserved parking areas and spots, notify drivers of handicap spaces and provide directional notations for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Types of Parking Lot Signs

Most parking lots have many standard type signs such as stop signs and handicapped parking signs. Additionally, informational and directional signs for parking spaces are often found in most parking lots, they include signs that indicate, additional parking in rear, staff parking, or no soliciting signs. Some of the other more commonly used signs for a facility also include:

  • Pedestrian Crossing Signs
  • Enter / Exit Signs
  • Directional Parking Signs
  • Fire Lane Signs
  • No Parking Signs
  • Park at Your Own Risk Signs
  • Tow-Away Signs
  • Do Not Block Driveway Signs
  • Visitor Parking

Other supplemental type signs, such as customer parking only signs, arrows, or bicycle signs you may need for your property can be easily ordered and installed by your paving contractor.

Parking Lot Sign Colors

Specific colors are often used in both signage and directional lights, such as traffic signals that drivers recognize in a glance. Red is often associated with danger and the need to stop. This is why stop signs incorporate red into their design; whereas yellow signs indicate caution and green signs are helpful, informational-type signs.

Time to Replace Your Signage?

The quality, visibility and use of your parking lot signs are a significant part of the appearance and safety of your parking lot. A well-organized parking area helps move vehicles and their occupants safely through your parking lot and to and from your buildings. Additionally, if you feel your parking lot signage may be in need of upgrade, replacement or improvement, feel free to contact us.

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