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Line Striping 101

Parking lot line striping is a task that will be on a facility managers’ to do list at some point of their career. 

When asphalt line striping and other pavement markings are clear to detect, visitors to your parking lot can park their cars easier, pedestrians are able cross safely and traffic flows are better managed moving in and out of the parking area.

For a facility manager, it helps to understand the line striping process to be able to better plan for this necessary commercial maintenance service.

A local paving company can be contracted to re-stripe a parking lot.  Once on the job site, the paving contractor will work with the facility manager to determine if the same lines will be re-striped or if a new layout would better accommodate the needs of the facility.

If a new line striping layout will be created, the paving contractor will take measurements of your parking lot, and then draw a sketch.  The new line striping layout will include the dimensions as well as any obstructions such as light poles, trees or other obstacles that can limit the number of parking spaces.

Each parking stall will be 18 feet deep and can be at 45, 50, 55, 60 or 90-degree angles. The depth of the parking lot and traffic flow will determine which angle will work best.

Following local zoning laws for handicap and fire zone clearances and distances, as well as the facilities requirements, an asphalt paving company can then paint the parking stalls and perform other line striping tasks as needed.

Preparing a parking lot for new line striping is half the battle.  First, the weather must be taken into consideration.  The line striping project should be scheduled during dry weather.  Not only does the area need to be dry when the paint is being applied, it’s also important to avoid rainfall for at least four hours after re-striping.

Next, when the local asphalt paving company is ready to start the project, the lot will need to be barricaded or roped off to keep cars from parking in the re-striping area. Once clear of all cars, the parking lot should be pressure washed to remove dirt, mildew, vegetation and other contaminants.  After this step is completed, the asphalt pavement should be left to dry thoroughly.  Depending on the temperatures and humidity, this could take a full twenty-four hours.

After the asphalt is dry, the paving contractor should use a landscape blower to remove any remaining sand, dirt or other particles immediately prior to beginning the line striping installation.

The paving company will carefully measure and map out the parking lot layout using chalk or spray paint.  Once complete, the paving contractor will use a walk-behind machine or manually paint the stripes.

Alternate parking should be arranged for approximately 36-48 hours so that the area can be prepped, the parking lot lines striped and once the process has been completed, the area can have a full twenty four hours for the marking paint to dry.  Although most line striping is dry to the touch within 30 minutes, for best application results, a full drying cycle should be allotted.

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