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Before a Paving Contractor Starts to Install Asphalt Paving

The following is an overview of what happens before asphalt pavement is installed. These procedures are the typical steps paving contractors should follow prior to the installation of or replacement of asphalt pavement or the application of sealcoating. This guide will help you understand what should happen even before your paving contractor begins an asphalt pavement project.

Schedule a Free Inspection

The very first step in getting your asphalt repaired or replaced is to have a reputable paving contractor come out to your commercial property for a free inspection. During the inspection, the contractor will walk the parking lot, take a few measurements, record details about your paving project and provide you with their recommendations for the upkeep or replacement of your asphalt paving.

Once you and your paving contractor have decided the best course of action to take with your parking area – be it sealcoating, crack sealing, pothole repair, utilizing an asphalt overlay or complete replacement, then it’s time to determine the project schedule.

Getting Started

Prior to performing any construction on the project, the asphalt company’s inspector should thoroughly familiarize himself with the plans, project specifications, traffic control plans, authorized work hours, traffic lane closure restrictions, and materials quality assurance and other requirements of the project.

Traffic Control

Safety is considered to be of the utmost importance on a construction project. Prior to any work beginning, the traffic control plan must be fully implemented. The inspector should review the approved traffic control plan, and ensure that any lane closure restrictions are being followed as defined in the specifications. Once he is familiar with the traffic control plan and lane closure restrictions, he should drive the route to ensure all requirements have been met including but not limited to signage and traffic cone placement and lane closure restrictions. Driving the route can assure that motorists are able to easily understand the detours and not have to endure an unreasonable backup of traffic.

Preparation for Paving

Depending on the particular paving project, there are different preparations needed. For example, if the project is for an asphalt overlay, cracked existing surfaces will be removed prior to the installation of the overlay. More preparation is needed if a complete replacement is to happen. With sealcoating, weeds must be abated and asphalt repairs like crack sealing will need to occur before the sealcoat is applied. For more information on the actual pavement preparation for a particular project, contact your paving contractor.

Asphalt Paving Construction Starts

On the first day of paving, the inspector and the engineer should meet with the paving foreman before paving to review the plan and specification requirements, and to discuss details of the paving operation. For example: current weather conditions, time schedules, limits of work, conforms, quality expectations, traffic control, detours, and lane closure restrictions.  Work can now begin!

It’s Done! Now it’s Time to Clean Up

Once your paving project is complete, your asphalt contractor should ensure that all manholes, water valves, and any other utility lids have not been buried or lost. These items will have been marked prior to laying asphalt for easy location and identification.

Also, any construction debris and paving equipment will be removed from the project site. Then, once the pavement is fit to resume normal driving operations, any detours, cones or tape will be removed to restore traffic flow. You and the visitors to your facility will now be able to enjoy a fully restored parking area.

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