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Asphalt Repairs Help You Maintain Occupancy

As a facilities manager, you understand how critical it is to attract new tenants and perhaps what’s even more important is to keep existing tenants satisfied so that high occupancy rates are maintained. A beautiful asphalt parking lot surface may not be what a new tenant comes looking for, but one in poor repair will quickly be noticed. Savvy tenants will see it in disrepair and perhaps be concerned about what else is not getting the right amount of attention at your facility.

Keeping Existing Tenants

Reducing turnover amongst tenants reduces vacancy costs and saves you time; therefore, their satisfaction with your facility is key to lease renewals. A beautifully maintained parking lot welcomes them each time they set foot in it.

Attracting New Tenants

You know that the first impression of your property doesn’t always start with a handshake and greeting in the office, it starts with the exterior of your building, often right in your parking lot. Show your new tenants how much you care about their safety and the appearance of your property with a well-maintained parking lot.

Keeping Your Facility on Solid Ground With Your Tenants

Keeping up with asphalt repairs shows new and existing tenants the complex is being cared for and that the facility is a great place to work, shop, or live and that it’s a place where tenants will be happy to stay long term.

Facility Safety

Keeping your parking lot in good condition avoids complaints, and even bigger problems like trip and fall accidents.

Quick & Easy Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt pavement is often the best choice for paving facilities parking lots because it is quick to install and cost effective. Additionally, there is less construction inconvenience for your tenants whether you need to make asphalt repairs, seal coat or even perform a complete asphalt removal and replacement.

Asphalt, a Great Investment

Most facilities have a budget for capital improvements – repairs or restorations that increase your property value or extend the life of the facilities. Having a safe, updated exterior of your facility offers you the potential to increase rents, providing a great return on your investments in capital improvements. If you are looking to sell or leverage your facility, improving your curb appeal by repaving your parking lot or driveway is a worthwhile investment. It has been reported that enhancing the exterior of your property can provide an increase in value as much a five percent.

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