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Line Striping is More Than Just Cosmetics

If you think that line striping is just about making your parking lot look good, think again. Yes, it’s true – line striping is the icing on the cake of a freshly sealcoated parking lot, but these pavement markings are important for a number of other reasons.  Let’s take a look at some of them now:

Line Striping Cross Walks

Properly marked cross walks in your parking area alerts pedestrians of the safe and proper places to cross traffic.  It also alerts motorists to slow down so that they can watch for people crossing and to stop until they make it safely to the other side.

Line Striping Parking Stalls

Without properly marked parking stalls, just think what your lot would be like on a busy day!  First of all, if everyone was permitted to park where ever they desired, your lot would quickly become congested as parked vehicles would surely interrupt the traffic flow.  Additionally, your parking area would probably not hold nearly as many parked vehicles either.  Without line striping, motorists tend to leave more space between vehicles and they aren’t very good at lining up in straight rows either!

Another important pavement marking is the designated handicapped spaces. Not only is it your legal obligation to provide a certain number of spaces that meet specific requirements, but the lack of handicapped spaces certainly is not good for those in need.

Line Striping Stop Lines & Signs

A couple of other big safety issues are stop lines and having the word “STOP” spelled out next to that line. Imagine if everyone had the right of way – it would be sheer chaos!  And, not very safe either.

Line Striping Fire Lanes

Talk about safety issues! Without fire lanes in front of office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and other tenant occupied buildings the fire department, the police or rescue unit might not reach someone in need in a timely manner.  Not only are fire lanes a common sense factor that should be incorporated within your parking lot layout, fire lanes are also part of the Florida Statutes with specific code requirements for their installation and use.

So, as you can see, line striping really is more than just the icing on the cake!  If you’re considering having your parking lot restriped, be sure to contact a professional asphalt company that has years of experience which can be backed by references that will stand by and vouch for its reputation.

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