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Asphalt Paving Scams

Thinking about sealcoating your parking lot?  Need potholes repaired?  Or maybe it’s time for a total parking lot replacement?  Whatever the case, if your parking area looks like it’s in need of repair, you could be the target of an asphalt paving scam.

Asphalt Paving ScamsUnfortunately, every industry has unscrupulous individuals and the paving industry isn’t immune.  These dishonest people come to your place of business claiming to represent a professional asphalt paving company or even present themselves as an out of work contractor.  They often provide a cheap quote, but what usually happens is that they either do a poor job or take a partial payment and disappear.  While we’ve all probably hear of these scenarios playing out with elderly homeowners, believe it or not, they occur in the business world too.  Don’t be a victim!

How to Spot a Fake

If a contractor offers you a great price on a paving job, but requires full payment upfront or you feel like you’re pressured into making a commitment —  it’s time to walk away.  Often con-artists will use high pressure sales techniques making business owners feel the need to act right now to get a special one-time offer.  They’ll need the cash upfront to seal the deal, and that’s how you end up cash poor with no asphalt work being done!

A legitimate paving contractor will be in no hurry to take your money.  They will provide a detailed estimate and will make sure you are satisfied with the paving work when the job is completed.   Just remember; never allow work to commence on your property without having a fully signed contract in hand.  And, if you don’t feel comfortable with the price, the sales rep, or any part of the “deal”, it’s probably not a deal after all.

Get to Know Your Asphalt Company

How do most companies find a great asphalt contractor?  They do some research on potential contractors and ask any company they are thinking about going with for references.  If the company has been around for more than a decade, they must be doing something right.  If they have a long list of verifiable references, you’re pretty well assured to get a professional job done well.

Another thing to look for if they are will to come out and give a free estimate.  Not only will a good paving contractor will provide you with a free detailed estimate, he’ll attend job walks, deliver presentations and ensure all your project needs are met.

What You Need to Know About Bids

When reviewing bids, be sure to pay close attention to the entire proposal; including the letterhead that it’s composed. Be sure that everything you expect from your paving project is included in the scope. Make sure you understand everything that is taking place. Be sure you understand how the job will be scheduled, how thick the pavement will be, how much rock will be installed and the dimensions or square footage.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to avoid an asphalt paving scam and get your paving work done professionally too!

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