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Why Sealcoat?

Sealcoat helps protect asphalt parking lots from the harmful effects of the weather, as well as petroleum based products like gasoline and oil.

Sealcoating prevents the adhesive qualities of asphalt’s binder from being broken down to the point of failure. In fact, the largest benefit of sealcoating is a cost effective means of preventing premature pavement wear for just a few cents per square foot.

Asphalt pavement is a mixture of aggregates (crushed stone) and binders that acts as a glue to hold the mixture together. Over time the UV rays from the sun break down the binding materials holding together the aggregates, allowing moisture to fill the voids subjecting it to expanding and contacting impacting the integrity of the pavement. This breakdown of the binder can be seen as the color of the pavement turns from a rich black to grey. As this process continues the binding materials become weak to the point of releasing their bond to the aggregates, this is when cracks and potholes develop.

Unsealed asphalt is subject to oxidation drying it out and deteriorating the asphaltic binder. When this happens, the pavement loses flexibility and small will begin to cracks develop. Water, chemicals, and other substances penetrate the surface of the pavement and deterioration rapidly progresses.

Sealcoating asphalt stops weather damage including the damaging effects of oxidation, and the penetration of water and other elements. The sun’s ultraviolet rays harden and dry out the asphalt pavement surface. This accelerates raveling and erosion and can reduce asphalt thickness in just a few years. This important process greatly extends the service life of the pavement while enhancing its appearance.

As cars and trucks are parked or drive over a parking lot, gas and oil can leak onto the asphalt. To protect the highly damaging effects of gasoline and oil seepage and all other road chemicals including alkalis and winter salt, your Florida paving and sealcoating company can recommend a sealcoating maintenance plan that fits your budget and your parking lot needs.

Keep in mind that sealing your asphalt too much can lead to many problems. Many seal coating installers will lead you to believe otherwise. However, the first two coats of sealer applied to your asphalt are what really protect it. Anything after this is usually for cosmetic purposes.

Sealcoating restores the original black color to asphalt and greatly enhances the overall appearance of a property. The smooth, even surface of sealed pavement makes sweeping, and maintenance easier and less costly. In colder regions, it also makes snow removal easier — this however, is not normally a concern for Florida companies!

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