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Are You Listening to Your Asphalt?

You drove into your facilities parking lot today when you came to work. Did your asphalt speak to you?

Did it rattle the change in change in your cup holder or make your spill your latte to get your attention?

Did it give you clear directions on where to park your car and properly instruct you to stop at a crosswalk or stop sign?

Did your asphalt seem to be screaming, help me?  Think back. What did your parking lot say to you?

Obviously, your parking lot can’t actually speak to you, but, there sure are telltale signs that your parking lot may need your help and attention. Take a minute and think back to that drive in to work this morning.

Did you hit that same pothole again, or did you remember to that if you swerve after passing the first crepe myrtle tree, you’ll miss it?

Could you clearly see the crosswalks and stop lines or were pedestrians on their own to dodge oncoming traffic as if they were playing some kind of retro game of Frogger?

What about the parking stalls? Are the spaces clearly defined or did you just park next to the last car in the row and guess-ta-mate the proper distance between your car and theirs?

Do you have any code violations in your parking lot? For instance, do you have enough handicapped spaces?  Are they clearly marked?

Was there standing water in the last space in your normal row and you debated whether to park there or go on to the next row?

Ok, now can you visualize the actual surface of your asphalt? Does it look like a map of a major city with cracks doubling as major arteries through the downtown area?

Asphalt Repairs and Prevention

To keep your asphalt pavement in good order, it needs to be regularly inspected and maintained.  Without proper sealcoating, asphalt will begin to show signs of wear from oxidation, water and other chemical penetration.  The symptoms of serious asphalt failure case include interconnecting cracks, and obvious depressions on the pavement, called potholes. Once formed, a pothole can accumulate water in it causing more damage. Over time, the substrate will be undermined resulting in an expensive asphalt repair.

Line Striping and Pavement Markings

Just as potholes are a hazard to both people and vehicles, improper or faded pavement markings can cause pedestrians to get injured and vehicles get damaged. A parking lot with proper pavement markings not only directs traffic better, it also provides a safer environment for your visitors.

What is your parking lot saying to you?

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