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Parking Lot Maintenance 101

Keeping an eye on your parking lot for these four things will help keep the exterior of your facility in good shape. When doing an inspection, ask yourself if you…

Got Trash?

The last thing you want visitors and employees of your facility to have to do is to wade through a ton of garbage littered throughout your parking lot. Regular parking lot maintenance includes sweeping of a facilities lot to help keep the area clear of dirt and trash. Removing this trash not only keeps your facility attractive to those using your parking lot, it also prevents drains from getting clogged and/or causing polluted runoff to contaminate lakes and other bodies of water. 

Got Water?

If your parking lot looks more like a lake, or a multitude of smaller ponds, it may be time to have your paving contractor come out and take a look. Standing water can mean one of several things: first, it may mean that your drainage is poor or blocked. It may mean that the slope of your parking area is not sufficient to disperse the water too drain. It can also mean that you have a lot of potholes. No matter the cause, standing water is not good for an asphalt parking lot. Standing water can penetrate the asphalt pavement causing potential structural hazards, compromising the integrity of the base. The longer the water is present, the more opportunity it has to erode the base and undermine the parking lots structure creating more potholes and headaches. 

Got Light?

Walking out to your car at night or arriving for an early shift at your facility, is it really dark? That’s the first sign that something is wrong! If your parking lot light bulbs are burned out, the fixture is broken or you just need some additional lighting installed, your paving contractor is the ideal professional to call to get these items up to par.

Got Weeds?

If upon doing a quick walk through of your parking lot, you are seeing signs of life in the form of grass, flowers, or even the beginnings of a tree, you need to pay attention. Weeds and other vegetation that grow up through the cracks in your asphalt parking lot means that water and other matter, like seedlings, are seeping into the base of your parking lot. Left unchecked can cause damage to your parking lot in the way of potholes and other damage to the parking lot. It’s important to ensure that large cracks in your asphalt are filled and that your parking lot is sealcoated on a regular basis to prevent additional damage to the overall integrity of the asphalt structure. If you’re seeing an abundance of vegetation, contact your paving contractor and have him come out for a free sealcoating inspection.

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