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Is Your Sealcoating Fading?

Sealcoating Fading?Have you taken a close look at your parking lot lately? Is your sealcoating fading?  We often get calls from customers asking us why their asphalt is fading. Here’s what we tell them:

First, you must realize that when you have a new asphalt parking lot installed, the surface materials you are looking at are not really asphalt but its something called bituminous concrete. Asphalt is actually the oil, which is the binding agent in the paved surface. Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will bake out the oil in the upper layers of your pavement causing the surface to fade and eventually become brittle. This is why paving contractors recommend sealcoating your asphalt.

If you’ve recently had your asphalt parking lot paved, after about 90 days the surface will have cured and it will be time to sealcoat to protect your investment. Sealcoating is designed to act as a shield to protect and preserve the asphalt binder in the pavement thus locking in or sealing in the redeeming properties of asphalt. Sealcoating will protect your asphalt pavement against fading and breaking down from exposure to UV rays. It also protects against water penetration, which can erode the substructure of your parking lot.  An added benefit to sealcoating is the appearance. A freshly sealcoated parking lot will be rich in color, clean looking and just the right thing to set the stage for the entrance to your business.

The sealcoat itself is semi-fluid, like house paint. This water-based composition is essentially fine dispersions of a binder component, either coal tar or asphalt, into a clay/filler water slurry which are stabilized by specialty chemicals and additives. The sealcoat is applied to your asphalt by either spraying it on, using a squeegee or a combination of these two methods.

Reapplying sealcoat about every two to three years will continue to protect the asphalt so that it can stand up better to traffic and environmental wear-and-tear and also refresh the overall appearance of your parking area.

When it comes time for your paving contractor to apply or reapply a fresh coat of sealcoat, he’ll make sure the surface is properly cleaned prior to application to avoid any premature fading.

Is it time to sealcoat or get new asphalt?

If your parking area is rutted, has numerous potholes, or the pavement looks like the hide of an alligator, something called “alligatoring” – it may be time to start thinking about new asphalt. Call your local paving contractor for a free estimate; often a weathered asphalt parking lot may only require crack filling or pothole repairs and a new layer of sealcoating. An honest paving contractor will give you his professional opinion, and not just insist you need the most expensive option – total replacement.

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