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What to Know About Concrete Curbs and Sidewalks

Concrete CurbsYour commercial facility more than likely has a good amount of foot traffic and vehicles entering and exiting your lot every day. The condition of your parking lot, sidewalks, curbs and exterior of your building represents how you feel about your visitors.

A clean and well-kept exterior offers a warm, welcoming entrance, where one in disarray with potholes, crumbling curbs, cracked sidewalks and faded parking space lines says you really don’t value your visitors.

In addition to appearance, safety is of concern regarding the exterior of your building, specifically your concrete curbs and walks. Concrete sidewalks and curbs over time will heave or settle, causing a rise or a depression between joints. Left untreated, the un-level pavement can result in trip and fall hazards for pedestrians.

If it’s time to replace or repair your concrete curbs or sidewalks to keep up with your exterior building maintenance, you’ll want to find a paving contractor who:

1) will maintain access for vehicle and pedestrian traffic during construction, including access for those with disabilities.

2) be able to meet the Florida building code design and construction standards for concrete curbs and walks.

3) has the experience, equipment and crew to complete the construction project in a timely manner, for a reasonable rate.

Commercial concrete sidewalks, curbs and gutters in Florida need to be constructed in accordance with specifications and conformity of the lines, grades, dimensions, materials and finishing requirements of not only the property owners and management, but also the state and local code requirements.

Concrete Curbs and Walk Requirements

Paving contractors with years of experience will be able to navigate the requirements or standards required while keeping your facility open and accessible to the public. For your reference here are a few things they will need to pay particular attention to:

• Your paving contractor will know that according to Florida Building Code 11-4.7, curb ramps have to be provided wherever an accessible route crosses a curb. The curb ramps must be located outside of disabled parking spaces and access aisles.

Handrails are not required. Curb ramps that are a part of a required means of egress shall be not less than 44 inches wide. The maximum slope of flared sides shall be 1:12. Install approved tactile warning strips as necessary.

• Concrete sidewalks and/or bike paths need to have a minimum of one-quarter inch per foot positive slope from the top of the curb or edge of pavement, unless otherwise specifically approved the city or governing municipality.

• Sidewalks shall be 6″ thick on 6″ compact subgrade minimum 6′ wide, with 3000 psi fiber mesh reinforcement.

• Cross slopes on sidewalks shall be maximum of 1:50.

• Concrete curbs and gutters need to be a minimum of 24 inches wide of FDOT Type F (standard curb) or Miami curb. The curb and gutter flow line grades shall run parallel to the road centerline grade. The minimum allowable flow line grade shall be 0.3 percent, except in intersections where flatter grades are needed. All curbing and valley gutter shall be constructed of concrete in accordance with FDOT standards.

• Storm water runoff inlet structure along the pavement edge shall be FDOT index 210, type 3 curb inlet.

As a commercial facility manager, while you should be aware of the Florida Building Code and other local requirements, it shouldn’t be necessary to memorize it all. Your experienced paving contractor is paid keep you compliant.

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