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Do You Need a Permit for Parking Lot Resurfacing, Resealing or Restriping?

Hiring a professional paving company for parking lot resurfacing, or to reseal or restripe your facilities parking lot makes good financial sense.  Not only will you be assured that the materials used are of the highest quality and that the job is completed to your requirements, but also that you are in compliance with local parking lot codes and laws.

Nothing makes your business stand out more than a newly striped parking lot.  But, nothing is worse than having a project completed and finding out you needed a permit for the work and now you’re facing a hefty fine.  A important thing to keep in mind is that in most areas of Florida, permits are required to do most asphalt work.

A local paving company with years of experience, and the latest equipment available to get the job done right the first time in a timely, cost effective manner can reduce a property manager or owners stress levels.  Researching specific codes and applying for construction permits can be an arduous process for business owner.  Partnering with a paving contractor that is familiar with your property, the local permit requirements and one that utilizes the highest quality materials is ideal.

Licensed contractors have invested a lot of money to be licensed and insured, which can give you peace of mind.  Hiring a fly-by-night company is a costly mistake.  Be sure to check references for any paving company you plan on hiring, make sure the paving company is insured, and be certain to ask them if they are familiar with the local and state requirements regarding permits and other regulations.  Plus, hiring an unlicensed contractor is against the law.

As your licensed paving contractor will know, each city can have different requirements, permit needs and fees.  Take for instance the City of Altamonte Springs, Florida.  If a commercial facility that wants to resurface and/or reseal their parking lot must get a permit from Building/Life Safety Services.  Restriping, without resurfacing or resealing, also requires a permit.  The new striping must exactly match the old striping.  However, if the old striping did not meet the current code requirements, the new striping will have to be modified to meet code.  The permit review will identify whether any changes will have to be made to the current striping to meet code.

A qualified, full service asphalt paving contractor will have the resources to effectively, efficiently and economically provide various services to you.  Before they start any job, your paving contractor should become familiar with the specific conditions of your property to prevent costly surprises.  A written proposal should include more than a price; it should include a plan to meet your needs and to satisfy building and safety codes.

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