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What is Thermoplastic?

Road safety depends not only on drivers and pedestrians behaving properly in traffic situations, but also on their ability to understand what’s expected or ordered. This is where thermoplastic road markings enter the picture.

Thermoplastic uses thermoplastic technology to create robust, horizontal signage on asphalt and concrete.

what is thermoplasticSo what is thermoplastic? A thermoplastic, also spelled thermo plastic, is a kind of plastic made from polymer resins that becomes a homogenized liquid when heated and hard when cooled. These characteristics, which lend the material its name, are reversible. That is, it can be reheated, reshaped, and frozen repeatedly. This quality also makes thermoplastics recyclable.

Thermoplastic roadway signs and marks are made using this kind of plastic. Using thermoplastic ensures long-lasting durability, as it fuses with the asphalt when heated. It also ensures a long service life that is between 6 to 8 times longer than markings painted on the road surface.

Because thermoplastic is wear and crack-resistant, markings and symbols made with this type of polymer resin are ideal for use on roads with high traffic volume. It’s durability is also linked with its resistance to gas, oil, snow and frost, which also makes it particularly well-suited for heavily trafficked areas such as parking lots, intersections and city streets.

Thermoplastic signs and markings also add a higher level of safety, especially at night and in wet conditions. Adding glass beads for reflectivity offers night time visibility of the symbol and offers skid and slip resistance for customer safety.

Thermoplastic signs comply with the Department of Transportation (DOT) pavement marking specifications as well as the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). This type of pavement signage can be applied to new and existing parking lots and roadways. It is suitable for lines, letters, numerals, arrows and symbols.

How to Apply Thermoplastic for Road Signs and Markings

Thermoplastic road marking, can be applied to road surfaces all year round. Professional contractors make application fast and easy, requiring just one person, a broom and a gas burner, making it a highly cost effective solution.

Be sure to utilize a company with previous experience and references on a thermoplastic job well done. This product, while ideal for a fast installation, can look sloppy and uneven if not applied correctly.

Decorative coatings utilize reciprocating heating technologies to safely raise the thermoplastic temperature to melting point, without it scorching. This makes sure that the image is not affected.

Once the signage or marking has cooled, it can be driven over within minutes of application.

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