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Got Asphalt Failures?

Got Asphalt Failures?You need a total asphalt replacement. Well, that’s not what you want to hear, is it?
The good news is that many asphalt failures do not result in total asphalt replacement. To better understand some of the most common asphalt failures and what causes them, we’ve put together this quick overview:


A pothole is a type of asphalt pavement failure caused by the presence of water in the underlying soil structure and the presence of traffic passing over the affected area.
• Weak pavement, surface, base, sub-grade
• Thin surface
• Excess or deficient fines
• Poor drainage

Alligator Cracks

Alligatoring is easily recognized by a series of cracks in asphalt grouped in one area. It is caused by:
• Weak surface, base or sub-base
• Thin surface or base
• Poor drainage


Depressions are areas of pavement surfaces that are slightly lower in height than the surrounding pavement. Depressions are caused by:
• Consolidation of sub-grade
• Poor construction
• Poor drainage

Edge Cracks

Edge cracks are cracks that travel along the inside edge of an asphalt pavement surface within one or two feet. The causes of edge cracks are:
• Lack of lateral support
• Settlement of underlying material
• Shrinkage of soil drying out

Slippage Cracks

Slippage cracks are crescent-shaped cracks in the surface of an asphalt surface where the new material has slipped over the underlying layer. Causes of slippage cracks are:
• No bond between layers
• No bond due to dust
• Tack coat not used
• Mixture has high sand content


Bleeding is when parts of the surface of asphalt become shiny in the form of a black surface film. Bleeding can be caused by:
• Excess asphalt
• Low air voids
• Excess prime or tack


Raveling is the on-going separation of aggregate particles in an asphalt surface downward or from the edges inward. Raveling can be caused by:
• Lack of compaction
• Constructed in cold or wet weather
• Dirty aggregate
• Dry mix
• Over heating mix


When channel depressions form on the surface of asphalt pavement where the wheels of vehicles have traveled it is called rutting. This asphalt failure is caused by:
• Consolidation or lateral movement under traffic
• Displacement in asphalt surface layer
• Not compacted properly

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