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Florida Accessibility Code – Are You Up To Snuff?

Aside from keeping your facilities parking lot looking pristine, another important aspect of parking lot maintenance is keeping your parking lot up to par with Florida accessibility code. Not only is this extremely important to ensure all individuals have a safe and easy way to enter and exit your facility, but by ensuring that everything is up to code means so much more. For instance, knowing and abiding by Florida Accessibility Code helps prevent code violations, potential fines and the relief from the pressure of possible lawsuits from incidents related to Florida parking lot code violations.

Florida Accessibility Code Requirements include:

  • having a minimum number of accessible parking spaces (dependent on the size of your parking lot),
  • complying with the specific dimensions for these accessible parking spaces,
  • that they are located on the shortest safely accessible route,
  • having adjacent access aisles to the accessible parking space,
  • providing a sign designating the accessible parking space, and
  • affording an accessible route from spaces to the entrance and passenger loading zones.

Proper line striping that ensures that the parking lot’s handicapped spaces line up with the allotted lowered curbs, handrails and other accessible features so that there is a direct and unobstructed route to the building entrance. Parking lot markings and other proper parking lot signage notifies visitors of the location of these specific accessible spaces and crosswalks identify clear paths for visitors to walk or wheel easily to the entrance of the building.

How do you know if you’re in compliance? Well, first, you can take a quick look in your parking lot to see if you have any of these common parking lot issues for non-compliant spaces:

  • Access aisle is not provided
  • Accessible parking signs are posted too low
  • Accessible parking is on a slope, parking areas shall be level.

These are all examples of non-compliant spaces. If a lot is found to have these types of code violations when it comes to accessible parking, there may be fines assessed. If you’re unsure about the code, don’t know anything about Florida Accessibility Code, or if you are not sure if you’re compliant to all of Florida’s accessibility laws, please feel free to contact ABC Paving and Sealcoating. A seasoned, professional paving contractor will visit your property for a free parking lot evaluation.

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